Your team is already equipped with smartphones and tablets.
Use them to enhance your power on the field. In the era of mobile technologies, Secureforce is the new way of communication with field staff to increase operational efficiency.

With the easy and secure collaborative chat communication tool, boost situational awareness in your team. Secureforce integrates GPS positioning with real-time map and provide the team's locations with tracking history

Increase operational performance: Enhance on-site issue resolution and easen the cross-team communication in the field with secure messaging, instant file, photo or video sharing.


Coordinate your field team: Instantly deliver urgent information directly to employee devices with mobile alerts, share and track the location of your team members'.

Secure platform: SecureForce provides hierarchial user and access management, end to end encryption with the highest standards.

Control your devices: Real-time device management from a single console. The devices can be locked, wiped or updated remotely. Mobile device management simplified with powerful administrative tools.

Secureforce is available either as a hosted application or as an on-premise application, according to client requirements and preferences.

Areas of Usage

  • Emergency Services
  • Field Operations
  • Law Enforcement
  • Government Intelligence
  • Military